About Us

Xeon International L.L.C is one of the well-known electromechanical company in the Middle East market. Our company holds very good reputation in the market for providing excellent customer satisfaction through advanced and modern electrical testing equipment, highly qualified engineers and trained technical team. We are well known for delivering our services on time and have exhibited commendable performance at all our sites, and hence are being offered to provide our services repeatedly by our esteemed clients.

 We believe that qualitative service should go hand in hand with the health, safety and the protection of our environment. We have taken extreme care to consider the safety of our employees and the environment we are working with. We are proud to mention that in a short span of time, we have established our company parallel to some of the leading companies in UAE and are organized to move and pioneer in the field.

 Our company’s main activities are design and installation of all kinds of electrical, plumbing, interior-exterior painting and civil works. The civil works include block works, tile fixing, plastering, self-leveling and gypsum partitioning, ceiling works, all type of wooden works including wooden flooring, wooden doors and cupboards. We perform refurbishment or renovation of washrooms, recreation facilities, pantry facilities, meeting rooms, and locker facilities etc., with minimal disturbance to other adjoining areas.

 We also undertake all types of HVAC related works.

Our experience and engineering capabilities in industrial equipment and plant maintenance have made us one of the most preferred contractors in the market. Our culture has been developed to attract and retain business partnerships by providing a service unchallenged by our competitors as we continue to strive to meet the highest standards of quality and service, giving our customers the confidence to trust in our abilities. We are recognized by our customers for our commitment and dedication throughout the entire order cycle from enquiry to delivery and support after delivery of our works.